The Magic Potion for achieving goals

Written by Emmanuel Martin

Consulting General Manager – BREED Australia

We have all been indoctrinated on the importance of setting goals, especially when it comes to running a business.

While we ‘hibernate’ through the current COVID19 crisis, it is important to start planning for the new world order that will inevitably eventuate.

Our powerful untapped brain has a powerful built in cybernetic mechanism. In plain English, this means that our brain has a strong goal seeking capability that we could tap into to achieve our goals.

There is also part of your brain that contains your Reticular Activating System (RAS). Its job is like a gatekeeper or filter for the signals that are coming in to your brain. What you allow into your brain and mind is determined by your RAS. Your values, beliefs and areas of focus determines the filters for your RAS.

Your RAS plays a vital part in your ability to achieve goals.

You can deliberately program the RAS by choosing the exact messages you send from your conscious mind. For example, you can set goals, or say affirmations, or visualize your goals.

We can achieve any realistic goal if we keep on thinking of that goal and attach positive feelings and emotions to it.

Consider the implication of the above sentence. Read it a few times and start using this today in your goal setting process.

Of course, if we keep thinking that we cannot achieve a goal, our subconscious will help us NOT achieve it.

Humans are natural goal setters and goal achievers.

With that in mind, the secret magic potion to improve your chances of achieving a goal can be answered by the following KEY question:

WHY do you want to “desperately” achieve this goal?

The WHY generates a powerful anchor in the goal getting process. Franchisees and Small Business owners can greatly benefit from this train of thought when setting their financial and other life goals.

The stronger the reason and meaning of your WHY, the greater the chances of you achieving your goals. Once a strong WHY is established, the cybernetic mechanism of your brain and the subconscious mind along with your RAS will start to guide you towards your goal.

Clearly establish your compelling and powerful WHY and achieve your goals easier.

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Emmanuel Martin -General Manager, Breed Australia

Over the last 10 years, I have coached and mentored over 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs. During this time I have identified that the number one reason for business failure is the state of mind of the business owner. Increased mental resilience improves our state of mind!


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