Discover your hidden X Factor for Success – Your Subconscious Mind

Written by Emmanuel Martin
Consulting General Manager – BREED Australia

Last week I started a series of blog posts that focuses on Goal Setting and Goal Achievement.

As a recap, a trilogy of energy centres or put merely, organs inside you, the heart, and two parts of your brain, hold the key in mastering your ability to set goals and more importantly, achieve goals.

For those wondering why I called these organs, energy centres, it is because your heart and your brain have their own energy frequencies which will be covered in a later post.

We also discussed how many of us have exceptional abilities to set goals, but only a few of us consistently achieve set goals.

We have two distinct minds. You have a conscious mind, and you have a subconscious mind.

I also described the mind or mindset as your brain in action.

Your conscious mind broadly resides on the left hemisphere of your brain. Our conscious mind part of our brain can sense the present, making choices on what, where and when to focus our attention. So when we set goals, we use this part of our brain. Hopefully, the heart feels ‘great’ about these goals, as an element of emotional craving towards our goals ultimately gives us a better chance of achieving those goals.

As I mentioned last week, your subconscious mind, corresponding to the right hemisphere of your brain, contains all your visible and hidden beliefs, your habits and attitudes. In a nutshell, if this part of your mind is aligned to your goals, then chances are you will achieve it!

Your subconscious mind roughly equates to roughly 80% of the brain mass and controls up to 98% of our behaviour. It predominantly works through pictures and actions.

But the most interesting fact about your subconscious mind is that it does not know the difference between right or wrong, truth or lie!

The subconscious mind is the difference between us achieving our goals or not achieving our goals.

Once we set goals, the key to achieving these goals, is the way we work with our subconscious mind.

Have you heard the saying that 75% – 80% of success is linked to a  positive and aligned mindset? 80% of success comes from our subconscious mind.

Throughout my life, my own experiences have given me ample proof that the above statement is true and powerful.

Take a look at the attached graphic.

In that circle, your vision and plans lie within the realms of your conscious mind. But that will only get you a quarter of the way in achieving your goals and dreams.

The remaining three quarters sits solely in your subconscious mind, which relates to your ability to master your emotions and cultivate the right habits and values to achieve your goals.

I will cover this topic in detail on the next post next week.

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