The Subconscious Mind – The Mind that helps you Achieve Goals

Written by Emmanuel Martin
Consulting General Manager – BREED Australia

I hope you have been great getting value from our Weekly Goal Setting and Goal Achievement Blog series?

To answer the above question, you would initially use your conscious mind (mind being the brain in action). You would have used your conscious mind to make a ‘choice’ in coming with an answer. 

As we discussed last week, our conscious mind part of our brain can sense the present, making choices on what, where and when to focus our attention.

Coming back to the topic of Goals, we use our conscious mind to ‘pick’ the goals we aspire to achieve.

But as we also now know, picking or setting goals is not the same as achieving those goals!

And now we also know that our subconscious mind is the primary driver of actually achieving those goals!

In the attached graphic, the purple circle is attributed to our subconscious mind.

Here are some interesting facts about your subconscious mind.

  1. It is always on Autopilot

When you are sleeping, who is in charge of your body? Not your conscious mind! Also, remember when you have driven home when you are tired, and you have somehow lost track of time, and you still managed to reach your destination?

  • Repetition is Key

Have you heard of the Law of Attraction? If you have not, you should google it. This rule changed my life. The conscious mind commands but the subconscious mind obeys. In the goal achievement process, if you continuously ‘affirm’ to yourself a positive mantra, even if the conscious mind may not believe it, the subconscious mind will accept it and act on it!

  • It has no language

The conscious mind communicated to the subconscious mind through images, feelings, sensations, dream and reflexes. The language in which the subconscious communicates is not verbal. There are no words, merely representations.

  • It determines the state of your life

New breakthroughs in the study of epigenetics show that our genes are not necessarily in charge of dictating our inherent traits. It isn’t solely our genes that determine who we are. There are new findings that prove our genes are actually, controlled and manipulated by how our minds perceive and interpret our surrounding environment! This means we have more control over how we can alter many factors about the way we are by the way we understand events and situations that happen to us.

In the next post, we will start to dissect the actual goal setting and goal achievement process.

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