How is working from home?

Written by Katya Dorey
Office Assistant – BREED Australia

I have currently been working from house due because of the worldwide coronavirus pandemic.  I’ve really enjoyed working from home – when I first started, I found it a bit stressful but now I feel fantastic about it. I like getting up in the morning to start work or plan for the day ahead.

There have been challenges and tasks I found difficult to understand at first, I began working from home, but I have learned a lot working alongside Maddie and Emmanuel. They’ve helped me improve and now I don’t have any issues with working on these tasks. I’ve also learned new things during my time working from home. I have been improving my social skills phone etiquette, and I’ve started to write blogs.

I’m also getting better with programs I’ve used in the past, like Excel, Picktime and Google Sheets. I was using these before in the office, but it’s been a challenge to get used to them at home as well. I’m looking forward to learning how to create invoices. Eventually I want to get to the stage where I can do this on my own. I think this is a very important skill to have. I really enjoy working for BREED and I am excited to learn more new skills.

 Maddie and Emmanuel have taught me a lot of new things during my time here, and I’m looking forward to learning even more in the future and improving on things I already know. I enjoy working from the office as well, and can’t wait to go back sometime soon.

When I first started working from home there were quite a few distractions and lots of noise but now all the distractions have disappeared because my brother and dad are back to school and working from the office. I do miss going to the office but hopefully sometime soon we can return back to normal and been able to travel to work again.

I have found that working from home has been a lot more fun than it was at the beginning. I will miss working from home but I’m looking forward to returning to the office and continue all the tasks that I have being learning from home, and improving the ones that I find hard and challenging that I couldn’t quite get the first time.

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Emmanuel Martin -General Manager, Breed Australia

Over the last 10 years, I have coached and mentored over 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs. During this time I have identified that the number one reason for business failure is the state of mind of the business owner. Increased mental resilience improves our state of mind!


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