Tenant spotlight: Medilife

By Madeleine Jensen

A registered training organisation that offers first aid and CPR training, Medilife has been in business since 1999. Managing director Rod Hucker thought everyone should have the ability to learn skills they could use in an emergency situation.

The company’s mission is to allow people to respond to medical emergencies in the workplace with confidence.

Medilife aims to educate through interactive courses – which has meant developing training methods via Zoom and similar alternatives during the COVID pandemic – as well as focusing on skill-specific training.

The company delivers courses across Sydney, as well as on-site training. Many of their clients are businesses with over 20 employees, especially childcare.

Rod says they were impacted negatively during COVID, with an 88% reduction in turnover, but this is now at about 30% of pre-COVID numbers.

“Much of our recovery can be attributed to BREED management and staff,” Rod says.

The business has created COVID-Safe plans for the staff and trainees in response to the limitations that the pandemic has imposed.

For the company, the benefits of BREED include the low cost of room hire and office space, and the flexibility and responsiveness of the staff, combined with the benefits of networking and masterminding business ideas with other tenants.

Check them out at: https://medilife.edu.au/

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