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A web services and online marketing agency, Mindsite Web Services was created in 2018. As a result of being made redundant, head designer Julian Mikhael created Mindsite Web Services to help small local businesses to create an online presence. Julian says his motivation was a passion for helping small businesses.

“After working in a large corporate environment, I wanted to help small business flourish and use what I’ve learned to help them harness the power of digital marketing. “

 Mindsite Web Services are more than just another web design agency. They help their clients to create an online presence and guide them to expand and grow their marketing strategies by taking advantage of the many platforms a business can use to grow online. 

After visiting a client who was a tenant at Breed Business Centre, Julian decided it was time to move out of the home office due to growth in the business and now has a team of 5. Julian says “I love the community feel at Breed. It has been a great opportunity to collaborate with other businesses here and it’s good to bounce ideas around and motivate each other to achieve results.”

2020 was a challenging year for many of their clients.  But many have actually boomed due to a quick response to adapt to the situation.  Mindsite Web Services helped them to pivot online quickly at a crucial time. Julian says “We reached out to our clients to offer our services for free in some cases, as their survival meant our survival.”

They believe if you don’t adapt to what’s happening around you are going to get left behind. Your competitors will have evolved and grasped the opportunity to offer their products or services in a new more innovative way. They encouraged businesses to use Covid as a positive opportunity to adapt, improve processes, even reinvent themselves. Mindsite Web Services helped their clients diversify and evolve during Covid, which was pivotal to their success.

With the demand for online shopping and food ordering services on the rise businesses were forced to offer their product or service online even if previously it was not something they considered.

In 2021 the power of digital is moving businesses towards a more innovative future where sudden regulatory changes no longer threaten opportunity and growth.

Offering services such as web design & management, eCommerce, hosting and support, content writing and much more, Mindsite Web Services are the complete package when it comes to your website. 

Contact Julian and the team on 02 9161 1696, email hello@mindsite.com.au or visit their website https://mindsite.com.au/

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Emmanuel Martin -General Manager, Breed Australia

Over the last 10 years, I have coached and mentored over 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs. During this time I have identified that the number one reason for business failure is the state of mind of the business owner. Increased mental resilience improves our state of mind!


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