Tenant spotlight: iEngineering

Delivering software and engineering services as well as industrial supplies, iEngineering started up in 2013 to provide support and high-quality products to its customers.

Bobby Naiker is passionate about the business and says it gave him the opportunity to provide products and services to clients, as well as employment opportunities to talented engineers. His team has industry experience in power, electrical & controls engineering, and operations management.

“In the name iEngineering, the letter ‘i’ stands for ideas, intelligence and integration.”

iEngineering also delivers programs to the commercial and industrial sector.

Mr Naiker said he chose BREED because it was a good location, and because of the services that the business centre offers and the support he has gotten from the company.

“BREED helped me in providing the coaching to develop our business, and helped us during the pandemic to keep the business going. They also provide training facilities to our clients.”

Mr Naiker has taken part in many business seminars and networking events offered by BREED.

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