BREED Australia, Western Sydney’s only non-for-profit business incubator, is about to launch new small business mentoring and community-focused social impact programs under a new leadership team’s guidance.
The majority of the new BREED Australia board will initially consist of independent directors who have a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion in shaping the organisation’s strategies to help Australia rebuild as a result of the economic and social impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. 
BREED Australia’s chairman Nathan Burbridge is a senior government policy advisor and economic development professional and has been part of the not for profit and charity sector for over 15 years. 
“After being part of the board of this great organisation over several years, I am very excited about the experience, passion and commitment that this new board brings to the table in helping BREED Australia achieve its mission and objectives,” Mr Burbridge said.
BREED Australia was formed in 1994 to stimulate economic and employment growth in the Blacktown regional area. Subsequently, the BREED Business Centre was established in 1996 after receiving a grant to refurbish an unused TAFE building into 34 modern offices, reception and administration. 
Since then, the BREED Business Centre, based at Quakers Hill, has been providing office rentals for small businesses with shared facilities, administration support and networking events for its tenants and the local community 
According to General Manager Emmanuel Martin, the catastrophic economic and social impact of COVID-19 has given extra impetus to expand BREED’s offering to Australian Small Businesses and their communities.

Empowerment through peer support

“We are looking to launch new BREED Business Incubator Programs later in the year that will provide Australian early-stage business start-ups with skills and mentoring to establish commercially viable business models.  These businesses will grow and create more jobs and social impact within our communities,” Mr Martin added
Yasmine Shah, an independent director of BREED Australia, believes that the organisation can create meaningful change through education and community engagement. 
“We are on a mission to ensure the Breed community of talented entrepreneurs secure many opportunities to succeed with their business and life goals by empowering each other through shared peer to peer support, networking and learning,” Yasmine ssaid.
Emmanuel Martin said BREED Australia is a representation of its tenants.
“Our tenants at the Nirimba Business Centre will play an active part in building BREED Australia. For example, the new website was designed by Mindsite Web Services, while at the same we support tenants through free mentoring programs and meaningful networking opportunities.” 
Anne Denham, BREED Australia’s treasurer, is a school principal with the Department of Education whose purpose is to help provide access to resources and support through stepping into the community and listening to their stories, needs and hopes. Her strong connections to disadvantaged communities will be instrumental in driving the success of BREED’s future social impact-focused projects.
The shape of BREED Australia’s future business incubator programs will also rely on independent director Thais Oso, who has proven experience in the Business Startup and global incubator space. 
BREED Australia’s past achievements include the Featherdale Work Experience Program, BREED Transitioning Youth Program, Young Entrepreneurs Program, and in 2009 it was awarded the ‘Incubator of the Year’ by Business Innovation and Incubation Australia (BIIA)
Matthew Pearce, BREED Australia’s company secretary, works for Redman Solutions that provides systems solutions to assist local councils. With a background in consulting, he wants to help businesses thrive and reach their full potential. He aims to help BREED Australia nurture businesses to work smarter, not harder, through technology. 
For information on BREED Australia, please visit or contact via phone on 02-98533200

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