6 Great Reasons To Hire a Meeting Room at Breed

These days an office is no longer a place where we just go to work. It has now become an environment that breeds creativity and innovation with its embracing of collaboration, motivation and new ideas from other members of the team or even people in different industries.

This is a fantastic shift to a more inclusive working environment. However, this collaborative space can sometimes be overwhelming due to open-plan offices–which lack any kind of privacy or sound insulation. If you’re looking for that perfect meeting room that will allow you to have meaningful conversations and collaborations with your colleagues or clients in private without all the noise distractions, look no further than BREED Business Centre Meeting Rooms.

Here are few reasons why booking a meeting room at Breed is the best decision for you and your team:

Meetings will be more productive.

Thanks to our fantastic meeting room set-up and facilities, you will have everything you need to make your meeting a success. Plus, having a cafe right next door means you can have a catered lunch, or you can take the team out without having to go too far. Our on-site facilities include:

  • Smart TV
  • Whiteboard
  • Projector
  • Flip Chart
  • Teleconference Facilities
  • Free Parking
  • Access to Kitchen facilities
  • High-Speed Internet

Save on costs

There is no need to hire a conference room or pay the high cost of hiring a venue, which can be costly enough as it is! With BREED’s meeting rooms, you will immediately notice that your productivity levels increase when you have the luxury of being in a professional space designed specifically for getting tasks done! 

For small businesses, the costs of renting a meeting room long term can be prohibitive. Without the need to invest long term in a meeting space, you can take advantage of our low hourly rates with no ongoing contracts. Having access to high-quality facilities on an as-needed basis is advantageous for businesses that are just starting out and don’t have the budget to have a permanent space for meetings. For established businesses with their own offices, it eliminates the need to rent additional space.

Nurturing environment for staff meetings

BREED is a nurturing environment where you can have meetings, brainstorm sessions, and informal get-togethers with colleagues. It’s the perfect environment for a team-building or training workshop or an appointment with your client. It creates an opportunity to escape the noise and distraction of an open office environment into one that is designed specifically for work meetings, discussions, presentations, training sessions and more!

It’s a space where you can have an uninterrupted conversation and discuss ideas with your team or colleagues in private. Team meetings create personal connections through these informal interactions, which will help increase productivity at the office as well as improve staff morale. Using our meeting rooms could be just what you need to create fresh new motivation in your team!

Improves your reputation

Using our meeting rooms will help you stand out from other similar businesses as being more professional and reputable in the eyes of potential clients. With no need to invest in expensive or time-consuming renovations, booking a meeting room for an hour can be that little bit of social proof you’ve been looking for! Our meeting spaces are perfect if you have clients wanting to meet face to face, but you don’t want them to come to your home or have to meet you at a cafe. Hiring a Breed meeting room or boardroom provides you with the ideal space to achieve a professional business image without any long-term costs or fuss.

Increases productivity

A change of scenery can do wonders for an individual’s creativity and energy levels, which will, in turn, lead to increased productivity at work. Meeting rooms are perfect if you need the occasional brainstorming session or team get-together! They allow you to escape from your desk without having to leave the office for hours on end. The perfect space for one-to-one, client or team meetings or group training sessions.

Removing distractions

Meetings in modern offices are often hindered by the constant background noise of colleagues talking, typing and ringing phones. It’s hard to concentrate on what is being said when you have so many interruptions happening all around you! When you book into our meeting rooms, we will ensure your space is ready to use and there are no interruptions. Due to our location at the Nirimba Education Precinct, you won’t be distracted by traffic or construction noise like you might be in the city. 

Here’s to the perfect team: your team, one that collaborates and thrives on innovation thanks to productive meetings at Breed Business Centre!

BREED is more than just a place to work. It is a space where start-ups and established businesses alike can work together and influence each other. A place where you can simultaneously focus on your work and enjoy the benefits of being in a collaborative environment.

A space that inspires creativity, deep thinking and collaboration. 

For more information about our meeting room facilities and services, please contact us today!


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