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WESTERN Sydney based BREED Australia Inc, a long-established and experienced not for profit that has traditionally focused on empowering small businesses and their communities, is on a transformational journey through an upcoming brand relaunch and new strategic plan. As part of its evolution, the brand that has helped hundreds of small businesses through its BREED Business Centre at Quakers Hill has identified a purpose-driven collaboration ecosystem that will help Australian communities navigate the new world emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic.

Emmanuel Martin, BREED’s General Manager, who is heading the transformational strategy, believes the organisation needs to build meaningful partnerships with local government, tertiary education providers and schools, business chambers and networking groups while also linking with non-government organisations that are focused on social impact. “We believe that education and continuous learning is a key driver to build resilience and knowledge in our communities and BREED Australia has identified key players in order to facilitate our mission and goals”, he said. “We are very keen to partner with institutions such TAFE NSW to launch new business incubator models at co-working spaces in the future”, he added.

Dr George Verghese, Head of Skills- Design and Creative Ideation at TAFE NSW, created the Co-F.A.B Lab, a collaborative venture with other skills teams aimed at exploring innovative education models that utilise Fabrication and Business ideas. He believes that there is immense potential in partnering with BREED Australia. “A future collaboration between TAFE NSW and BREED Australia offers a unique and powerful synergy of two dynamic organisations that are driven to serve communities. TAFE NSW builds on its values of customer first, integrity, excellence and collaboration, whilst BREED Australia grounds its co-working Incubator practice on the objective to empower people, build creative and smart communities that enable long term social impact,” he said.

BREED Australia’s chairperson, Nathan Burbridge believes that the brand’s capacity to create tangible large scale social impact is also tied in with the right ecosystem. “As a board, we are very passionate about supporting small businesses and enabling BREED Australia to deliver on its core purpose of youth education and employment as described in its constitution,” he said. While looking forward to the future, Mr Martin’s immediate priority is to help its small business tenants at the BREED Business Centre navigate through the pain of the current lockdown. “Our main priority is to ensure that small businesses based at our shared office space are able to cope through this difficult period so that they can live to fight another day,” he said. “As a charity, our mission is to go above and beyond and help them in an ethical and empathetic manner so that they go on to build their businesses and livelihoods.”

While BREED Australia intends to partner with organisations such as TAFE NSW, Mr Martin also believes strong partnerships with business chambers and local networking groups is essential for its success. The organisation recently joined the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber as a Gold Member, but at the same time providing virtual offices solutions for the Chamber. Mr Trevor Oldfi eld, president of the Greater Blacktown Business Chamber was very hopeful that the partnership brings strong benefits to its members. “Greater Blacktown Business Chamber is delighted to welcome BREED Australia as a Gold Member and we look forward to a long and fruitful collaboration that will result in several benefits to our community,”, he said.

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Emmanuel Martin -General Manager, Breed Australia

Over the last 10 years, I have coached and mentored over 500 small business owners and entrepreneurs. During this time I have identified that the number one reason for business failure is the state of mind of the business owner. Increased mental resilience improves our state of mind!


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