Unleashing Potential: Celebrating Success at Breed Australia’s Aspiring Entrepreneur Program

Breed Australia, with its unwavering commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit in Blacktown, recently concluded another successful 10-week Aspiring Entrepreneur Program. This program, known for its perfect blend of practical guidance and theoretical knowledge, ushered in a new wave of entrepreneurs ready to make their mark in the industry.

This carefully curated course, aimed at unearthing and honing entrepreneurial skills, witnessed the graduation of five phenomenal participants. Each of these promising individuals embarked on this journey with a seed of an idea. Over the span of 10 weeks, they nurtured these ideas with their dedication and passion, transforming them into concrete business plans and actions, embodying the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit.

As we delve deeper into the outcomes of this program, we’ll discover the exciting journeys of these participants, their learning experiences, and how Breed Australia’s Entrepreneur Program served as a launchpad for their entrepreneurial dreams.

Meet the Graduates: Young Minds, Big Dreams

Among the commendable graduates was the program’s youngest participant, Daniel Mierzanowski, a Year 10 student from Cathwest Innovation College. Daniel’s journey throughout the program is a testament to the potential of young minds when nurtured within a system that encourages innovation and provides the necessary entrepreneurial support.

From Dream to Reality: A Tale of Entrepreneurial Success

During the program, Breed Australia worked closely with Daniel, helping him lay the groundwork for his entrepreneurial dreams. His dedication and the program’s guidance culminated in a successful launch of his coffee roasting business at the Wexpo Event at Blacktown. Daniel’s journey speaks volumes about the potential of the Entrepreneurship Program in shaping raw ideas into successful businesses.

Recognising Achievements: Certificate Presentation by the Honourable Ed Husic MP

The program also saw the Honourable Ed Husic MP presenting Ashween Lakhan and Lincoln Peters with their certificates, marking the completion of their ten-week journey. Ashween noted that the program was not only informative but also immensely practical, aiding in a better understanding and operation of their business.

Elements of the Program: Cultivating a Winning Mindset and Business Acumen

The 10-week Entrepreneur Transformation Program was successful in cultivating a winning mindset among the participants. It assisted them in understanding key business elements, developing comprehensive business plans, building strong networks, and pitching their businesses effectively. The program not only helped the participants grasp the fundamentals of entrepreneurship but also gave them access to expert mentorship and a plethora of funding opportunities.

Mentorship and Beyond: The Role of Our Experienced Team

Our experienced team of Emmanuel Martin, Jeremy Carter, and Irma Del Mundo facilitated the course. With successful transitions from extensive global corporate experiences into entrepreneurship, they shared their passion and experiences with the participants to ensure the program’s effectiveness.

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Ensuring Long Term Success: Post-Program Benefits

The program’s completion didn’t indicate the end of the entrepreneurial journey for the participants. Breed Australia is committed to ensuring long-term, sustainable transformation. Thus, the graduates will enjoy continued coaching and mentoring, complimentary co-working space at the BREED Business Centre, access to the Sunrise Podcast and Video Recording Studio, and discounted tickets for upcoming BREED Networking Events, among other benefits.

Next Up: The Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program

Next on the horizon, Breed Learning for Good is excited to announce the commencement of another transformative course, the 10-week Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program. This special program, funded by Multicultural NSW, targets migrants and refugees aspiring to establish their businesses in Australia. The program will be delivered in an accessible online format and is free to attend.

Join Us: Breed Australia’s Invitation to Aspiring Entrepreneurs

At Breed Australia, we believe in providing a dynamic, supportive, and interactive learning environment that caters to all individuals eager to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape. We urge anyone with a dream to forge a path in the entrepreneurial world to get in touch.


We’re here to help you turn your dreams into reality!

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