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Are you a migrant or refugee with a dream to start or expand your own business in Australia?

Turn that dream into a reality with the BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program.

Join us on an empowering ten-week Business Incubator Program (free), tailor-made to provide refugees and migrant entrepreneurs like you with the essential skills, knowledge, and tools to launch or grow your business successfully.

What’s more? The BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program is offered FREE to all participants, thanks to generous grant funding by Multicultural NSW.

Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Secure your place today and take your first step towards a brighter and more prosperous future.

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Modules are delivered online in an interactive format.

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Empowering entrepreneurs and business owners, if you are a migrant or refugee, regardless of age or background, to create sustainable, profitable, and ethical business models

BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program (free) Will Help You:

  1. Develop a winning mindset – Gain the entrepreneurial mindset required for success and learn to overcome challenges and setbacks.

  2. Master business fundamentals –  Acquire essential business skills, from market research and financial management to marketing and sales strategies.

  3. Create a solid business plan  – Learn how to develop a comprehensive business plan to guide your actions and attract investors.

  4. Build a strong network – Connect with like-minded individuals, industry experts, and successful entrepreneurs who can support you on your journey.

  5. Access expert mentorship – Receive personalized guidance from experienced entrepreneurs who have been in your shoes and can provide valuable insights.

  6. Refine your pitch – Improve your communication skills and create a compelling elevator pitch to communicate your business idea effectively.

  7. Explore funding opportunities – Discover various funding options and learn how to pitch your business to potential investors.
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Hear from some amazing entrepreneurs who have experienced our 10-week Entrepreneur Transformation Program

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Delivered by three established business experts who transitioned into successful business owners from extensive global corporate experiences.

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Emmanuel Martin​

After 26 years in the corporate world, where he worked in senior management roles in Strategy and Finance across multiple industries, Emmanuel jumped into entrepreneurship. Over the last 6 years, he has brought his experience and passion through business consulting, mentoring, and teaching. Emmanuel’s life purpose is to connect to his higher self to channel his energy, intuition and knowledge to others so they can live happy, fulfilled and prosperous lives.

To successfully complete the 10-week Aspiring Entrepreneur Program, you will:

  1. Attend 10 consecutive online workshops for 2 hours each. Week 1 starts Wednesday 11th October (Online)
  2. Actively participate and attend all 10 workshops

As BREED Australia Believes In The Long-Term, Sustainable Transformation Of Entrepreneurs, Each Participant Will Also Benefit From (Valued at over $2,300) :

Our program is highly sought after, and spots are limited. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to kickstart your entrepreneurial journey!

Hear from previous participants of The 10-Week Entrepreneur Transformation Program

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Workshop Content and Schedule

In Week 1, you will learn the traits of a successful entrepreneur including an introduction to Emotional Intelligence and linking your passion, purpose, and values to your business model.

Wednesday 11th October (Online)

In Week 2, you will be introduced to the Design Thinking Process where you will discover your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

Wednesday 18th October (Online)

In Week 3, you will craft your Business Model Canvas so that you can identify the ingredients needed to sustain your unique business while understanding the basics of Risk Management.

Wednesday 25th October (online)

In Week 4, you will learn powerful strategies to craft your sales strategy and learn ways to create effective sales tactics.

Wednesday 1st November (online)

In Week 5, you will work on defining the brand strategy (what you stand for, your promise to your customers, your values, personality, and the key messages to bring your business to life)

 Wednesday 8th November (online)

In Week 6, you will define a communications strategy to bring your brand closer to your customers and engage other stakeholders, including marketing activation ideas and social media planning.

Wednesday 15th November (online)

In Week 7, you will learn about Company structures, Profit and Loss Statements, Balance sheets,s and Cashflow.

 Wednesday 22nd November (online)

In Week 8, we will build on our knowledge of Financial Management and learn how to budget and forecast effectively and understand the concept of break-even. We will also complete our business plan.

 Wednesday 29th November (online)

In Week 9, you will participate in a mastermind session with your cohort and brainstorm ways to overcome your current challenges and build on your opportunities.

 Wednesday 6th December (online)

In Week 10, you will learn various funding models while being introduced to how your business will be valued by investors. You will also practice pitching your business idea to potential investors.

Wednesday 13th December (online)

Join us for Our 10-Week Entrepreneur Transformation Program

About BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program (free)

The BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program is a ten-week Business Incubator Program designed to empower refugees and migrant entrepreneurs by providing the skills and tools to launch or grow a business successfully.
The BREED Migrant Entrepreneur Transformation Program is free to participants through grant funding by Multicultural NSW.
Modules are delivered online in an interactive format.

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