Our Current Tenants

Our current tenants are businesses of all sizes.  Below is a list of tenants currently in the BREED Business Centre:


Tenants Website Room No
Medilife www.medilife.edu.au 0.06
Inner Beast Clothing 0.07
Murcotts Driving School https://www.murcotts.edu.au/ 0.09
Murcotts Driving School https://www.murcotts.edu.au/ 0.10
National Driver Education http://ndeaustralia.com.au/ 0.11
Mindsite Web Services 0.12
Ozi Hygiene 1.01
Hunter Productions www.hunterproductions.com.au 1.03
Ausgreen 1.04
Sydney Digital Designs 1.05a
Redman Solutions 1.05b
UAVAIR https://uavair.com.au/ 1.06
Hunter Productions www.hunterproductions.com.au 1.08
AVMA 1.09a
Williamson Lawyers 1.09b
Workers Risk & Compensation Specialists 1.10
F1 Tax 1.12
KE Counselling and Coaching www.kecounsellingandcoaching.com.au 1.13b
Intelli New Pty Ltd 1.15a
Novus Education 1.15b
Sound Productions www.soundproductions.com.au 2.03
Garage Film Studio www.garagefilmstudio.com 2.04
SNG Constructions www.sngaustralia.com.au/ 2.06
Rhino Social 2.10
iEngineering Australia 2.15
Law Advice Compensation www.lawadvice.com.au
AT Legal www.atlegal.com.au
Global Corporate Merchandise www.globalcma.com.au
Hosting Etc www.hostingetc.com
New Zealand Mortgage Solutions www.newzealandmortgages.com.au/
Promotions International www.promotionsinternational.com.au/
Quality.com.au www.quality.com.au
Smooth Sailing Cruises www.smoothsailingcruises.com.au/
Raw Worx www.rawworx.com.au/
Blacktown Business Network www.blacktownbusiness.net/
Bizplus Services www.australia.bizplusss.com


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