Community Outreach

B. a Leader for Change

A group of five people gather around a table, smiling and raising their hands together in a gesture of teamwork. The background shows a bright office environment with large windows.

B. part of the new BREED

Empowered and supported, seizing the future YOU want, without boundaries or barriers!

Here at BREED, we provide valuable life skills and empowerment workshops, led by approachable, non-judgmental professionals. You don’t need any formal referrals from doctors or school staff to work with us. Our workshops and one-on-one coaching are completely FREE, and we will stand by you for as long as you need.

Our Vision

So that every resident in Western Sydney and beyond has the chance to be all they were made to be. We aim to improve the economic and emotional well-being of the community by fostering self-belief, hope, and opportunity—regardless of your age or background.

Our Impact & Previous Achievements

Work Placement Service Provider Program

Facilitated the work placement of more than 45,000 students in collaboration with businesses, high schools, and local TAFE colleges.

Digital Enterprise Project

Aimed to empower young people with Autism Spectrum Disorders through mentoring in IT and Technology.

iCareer Program

Assisted youth in exploring career options, especially those who are disengaged or facing mental health challenges.

Featherdale Work Experience Program

Provided over 90 work experience placements for school students annually at the Featherdale Wildlife Sanctuary in Blacktown.

BREED Transitioning Youth Program

Customised programs providing achievable roadmaps, resumes, and portfolios for students not naturally fitting into mainstream school life.

Our Values

Be Spirited

Be Impactful

Be Optimistic

Be Inclusive

Be Future Focused

For Parents and Carers:
"B. the Best Support You Can Be"

Parents and carers play an invaluable role in fostering connection, communication, and understanding for young people. Family support can profoundly influence a young person’s success at school and beyond. Our resident experts at BREED are pleased to offer guidance and strategies to help families build robust support structures at home.We’ve also linked below to additional organisations that can offer assistance if you or a family member is struggling.Lastly, we warmly welcome any parents and carers willing to volunteer their time and skills to help implement our programmes.

Client Testimonials