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One Page Business Plan template

This template includes all the necessary information needed to write a business plan. It can be used by entrepreneurs who are starting their first business or those who want to update their existing business plans.

It is available to download in Word or PDF format by clicking the download links below.

Weekly Schedule Template

Running a business means juggling many different priorities! Use this FREE weekly schedule to help you keep track of everything you need to get done!

It is available to download in Word or PDF format by clicking the download links below.

Instructions for Excel:

Strategic Business Plan template

Why is strategic planning important?

Strategic planning is important as it helps businesses refine their vision whilst also setting out measurable goals and activities and implement the strategy to achieve them.

This Strategic Business Plan will be your business’ roadmap to success.

How do you lead a strategic planning session?

  1. Invite all relevant team members and decision makers, and make sure that they have an agenda for the meeting in advance of coming together.
  2. Make sure that everyone is in agreement of the agenda and aligned with your company mission before you begin.
  3. During the meeting, you should aim to define goals and objectives for the company.
  4. Following the meeting, make sure everyone in the company is aware of the results of the meeting and the strategic goals for the business.

The Strategic Business Plan is available to download in Word or PDF format by clicking the download links below.

Brand Building

Keynote Speaker Presentation, Inaugural Aspiring Entrepreneurs Networking Event: 26th July 2022

Competitive Analysis

To capture a sizable share of your market, it’s vital to understand how you stack up against your competitors. That’s why competitive analysis should be a key ingredient in the plan to establish and grow your business. 

You are going to want to measure your closest competitors’ social media engagement, customer reviews, product features, or sales strategy – and for clarity’s sake as well as building an overall picture of your businesses competitive environment, it’s very important to centralize your analysis in a single location.

That’s why we’ve created this competitive analysis template to help you get started. Download the template to conduct a thorough analysis on one or many of the competitors in your landscape. 

Aspiring Entrepreneurs Networking Event

Keynote Speaker Presentation by Jason Walmsley, National Membership Manager, Bconnected World

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