Keep going, don’t give up, get ready for new beginnings

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Written by Emmanuel Martin

Consulting General Manager – BREED Australia

There was a  brief but intense rainstorm last night. We were expecting some rain as it had been cloudy before the storm but was surprised at the ferocity of the storm. 

As I look out the window this morning, the water from the storm has almost dried on the pavements and lawn. A new day begins with the promise of new beginnings (and endings).

And that’s how I see life.

The world has always gone through a change. It has been through times of upheavals and disasters, wars and famine along with death and destruction and the same earth have seen periods of innovation, prosperity and progress.

There has been a lot of debate recently, during the COVID19 crisis on what is right and wrong.

But there is one thing we cannot dispute. 

And that is the certainty of Time.

Many of us have the choice to find some extra time right now, while we work from home, while we look to rebuild your businesses or look for new employment.

We have the opportunity to find some time to plan the future. We have the chance to ask (and answer) questions like :

  1. What is that I am looking forward to in my own personal life and my business/career when we come out of this crisis? How will this world look like and how can I contribute to the future? (Futurists and Visionaries)
  2. What new systems and tools can I create in the future to live a fulfilled life? (Strategists)
  3. What have I learned about living through this crisis and how can I use those insights to create a better future? (Intellectuals and Learners)

The storm, like the one I experienced last night, only lasts for a period of time. Change is inevitable. Future happens, for better or worse.

A new world order is in the making because of the past. We all have a chance to define that future.

And that is an exciting possibility!

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