Living a dream…

Small businesses come to the BREED Business Centre for many different reasons – the main ones being low operational costs and flexible leases that make for easy entry into the Centre.

For one of our tenants though, it was central to living his dream.

Founder and Director Sanjeev Mehra established Garage Film Studio in August 2015 and moved into BREED in October 2017. Sanjeev explains:

“I used to run my studio from home from my garage, that’s why we call it Garage Film Studio. We make film, television shows, tv commercials, music videos. Any story, any dream we bring them through on the screen.”

“We had a dream, a real-life dream to have our own studio somewhere, which was only possibly because of BREED Business Centre.”

At BREED Business Centre “we are growing good, we are getting recognised and the best thing is a lot of facilities with an affordable price, great team, great neighbours.”

“I’m loving it here!”

Sanjeev’s new exciting venture that’s launching soon is Channel Number One – a web-based entertainment hub with a unique Bollywood-Masala style.

The first of its kind not only in Australia, but globally, Channel Number One is an effort to create a platform for deserving amateur and professional creatives around the globe to exhibit their talent and be able to make it a profession, along with the training and support of professionals from the Film and Television industry around the globe.

Stay tuned, big plans coming… find out more at Channel Number One’s Facebook page

Sanjeev offers over 38 years of experience of creative, technical and people-management skills in Indian, Indonesian and Australian Film, Television and Advertising industry. He, and his team of media professionals, inject passion and creativity into all projects to produce high-quality work for their clients.

From films, music videos, to television shows and commercials and so much more, Garage Film Studio offers a complete film and video production solution from concept to reality.

To find out more about Garage Film Studio, be sure to visit their

website at or connect with them at Facebook and Youtube

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